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Kartik Poornima 2016 Whatsapp Status, Wishes, SMS, कार्तिक पूर्णिमा Karthika Purnima Wallpapers, Messages, Quotes, Greetings

Kartik Poornima 2016 Whatsapp Status, Wishes, SMS, कार्तिक पूर्णिमा Karthika Purnima Wallpapers, Messages, Quotes, Greetings : Kartik Poornima SMS 2016, Kartik Poornima Quotes, Kartik Poornima Whatsapp Status 2016, Kartik Poornima Facebook Status 2016, Kartik Poornima HD Wallpapers, Kartik Poornima Messages in Hindi, Kartik Poornima 2016 Greetings wishes, Happy Kartik Poornima Images pics wishes to your friends, Kartik Poornima vrat and puja vidhi 2016, In this year Kartik Poornima festival of Hindu holy day celebration on the day of Full moon or the calendar lunar day of Kartik in November 14, 2016 the Karik is celebrated when Yashoda tried to tie baby Krishna on the pillar then she seen a Krishna magical powers in the mouth of Shri Krishna. And that day is celebrated the festival of Kartik Poornima in the whole country India you can pick any and send a best suitable Kartik Poornima quotes in Hindi, sms, status, wallpapers wishes to your friends and relatives to celebrate this festival and share your feeling to your love one’s.

The Indian Festival Kartik Poornima 2016 is begain to makes when Lord Vishnu and Shiva ji comes to earth during the month of Kartik then the peoples of a earth to makes some decorations, Lighting lamps, decorates to a temples distributes a food and clothes to the poor peoples. Kartik poornima is also known as  the Dev Diwali and Tripuri Purnima as per the calendar dates of a holy month of Kartikeya. Here you pick a suitable Kartik Poornima sms, messages, quotes, Kartik Poornima Whatsapp status, Kartik Poornima Facebook Status, Kartik Poornima greetings, Kartik Poornima HD images, wallpapers, pics and Kartik Poornima puja vidhi and Kartik Vrat on a full moon day.

Kartik Poornima 2016 Whatsapp Status, Wishes, SMS, कार्तिक पूर्णिमा Karthika Purnima Wallpapers, Messages, Quotes, Greetings

Kartika Poornima (Kartika Purnima) Full Moon Day is a festival of Hindu, Sikh, Jain holy festival of India it is also celebrates in Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka etc in this year 14th November, 2016 or every year. In the victory of Lord Shiva over demons Tripuri it is also know as Tripurari Purnima most of the peoples of India takes full day  Kartika Poornima Vrat (Fast) and some of the easily sending a Kartika Poornima Quotes, Kartika Poornima Facebook FB and Whatsapp DP status send on social media and also share your feeling to wish to your family members, boy friends, girl friends, sisters, brother also get the advantage of the full moon day Kartika Poornima Puja Vrat vidhi complete.

Today is the day to be grateful towardswhom you learn from Wishes onkartik purnima.
*Kartika Purnima celebrates the power of Lord Shiva. It is believed that Lord Shiva, killed the demon Tripusara on this day and therefore... Shiva Temples are crowded with devotees to celebrate the event. Kartika Purnima also coincides with the Jain light festival!!!.

Kartik  Purnima Poornima 2016 Puja Pics, Photos, Vidhi

Kartik Poornima Vrat Vidhi in Hindi व्रत विधि 
#कार्तिक पूर्णिमा (Kartik Purnima 2016): Full Moon Day को अगर संभव हो तो जातक को नदी में स्नान कर भगवान विष्णु की पूजा-आरती करनी चाहिए। इस दिन मात्र एक समय भोजन करना चाहिए और सामर्थ्यानुसार दान (दुधारू गाय और केला, खजूर, नारियल आदि फलों का) देना चाहिए। कार्तिक पूर्णिमा के दिन ब्राह्मणों को दान देने का तो फल मिलता ही है साथ ही बहन, भांजे, बुआ आदि को भी दान देने से पुण्य मिलता है। शाम के समय निम्न मंत्र से चन्द्रमा को अर्घ्य देना चाहिए | वसंतबान्धव विभो शीतांशो स्वस्ति : कुरु।!!!
Happy kartik purnima is start with the Sun Rise bathing and ended with after on the nights of a Full Moon day competition peoples to open his/her Kartik Purnima (Poornima) Vrat. Our audiences are required to send a Kartik Poornima 2016 wishes, sms, messages, Hindi text quotes, Whatsapp status, Facebook status, Kartik Poornima Purnima hd wallpapers for your desktop pc, laptop, tablets and mobile phones to simply send to pick and wish on celebration of Kartik Purnima day. Stay connected with us for more excited festival of Indian updates and much more wishes.

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Kolayat Fair 2016 SMS Sms Messages, Quotes, Greetings, कोलायत फेर Whatsapp Status, Wishes, Wallpapers

Kolayat Fair 2016 SMS Sms Messages, Quotes, Greetings, कोलायत फेर Whatsapp Status, Wishes, Wallpapers : Kolayat Fair SMS Sms 2016, Kolayat Fair Messages 2016, Kolayat Fair Quotes in English and Hindi, Kolayat Fair Whatsapp Status, Facebook Status for Kolayat Fair 2016, Kolayat Fair HD Wallpapers send and set to your desktop laptop and mobile phones, Kolayat Fair Greetings wishes, The largest Fair Kolayat it is also known as the Kapil Muni Fair the festival of Bikaner, Rajasthan this fair is coming on the Kartik Purnima at Kolayat and also known as Kapilayatan. In the desert area of Rajasthan in India the combines a huge cattle fair with a pilgrimage on the Holy town lakes. In this day the peoples are decorated to the Camels, Horses, Buffaloes and cattle to traded on this Kolayat Fair. You can easily share and wish a best Kolayat Fair 2016 Whatsapp and Facebook Status, Quotes text, Messages, Images and pictures wishes.
The Indian Fair of Kolayat (Kapil Muni) is celebrated in bikaner Rajasthan in the month of 12th November and 14th November, 2016 in this Kolayat Fair many peoples are coming from the whole country and foreign nations to exchange their resources. The happy Kolayat Fair 2016 wishes with you a Kolayat Fair Kapil Muni Whatsapp Status, Kolayat Fair Facebook Status for you lovers, friends, girlfriends, relatives and family members. This fair is also known as Kapil Muni Fair then you send a best Kolayat Fair Quotes in Hindi or English Languages, Kolayat Fair HD Wallpapers, Images, Pictures, Photos, Kolayat Fair Sher O Shayari 2016 you can pick up and send on any devices to wish. 

Kolayat Fair 2016 SMS Sms Messages, Quotes, Greetings, Whatsapp Status, Wishes, Wallpapers

Happy Kolayat Fair SMS Sms 2016 Messages, The tourists are come to enjoy this fair of Kapil Muni and purchases the goods from the Rajasthani peoples of decorated items etc. You easily Sending a Kolayat Fair SMS sms 2016 to your friends and family, most popular Kolayat Fair message collection in English and Hindi. Providing the best new latest Kolayat Fair txt Hindi font greetings pics images in high quality status.On this Fair festival of Kolayat Fair all the religious places are well decorated and beautifully maintained for the people's celebrations on the certain marketplaces. Some of the peoples of this Kolayat Fair has selling a Milk of cemels, Sugar sweets, wooden items, decorative toys and much more.

Kolayat Fair HD Wallpapers, कपिल मुनि Images, Pictures, Photos

The lot’s of enjoyment and happiness Kolayat Fair there is a lots of attractiveness on this fair and Kolayat Fair Bikaner Rajasthan 2016 celebrations with sending a yearly best Kolayat Fair SMS, Whatsapp Status, Messages, Kolayat Fair 2016 Facebook Status in Hindi, Quotes, Greeting, Kolayat Fair Wishes HD Wallpapers, Pics, Images, Photos and more text sending you can easily share with your friends stay connected with us for more festival of India updates and take the good advantages of these types of Kolayat Fair 2016 wishes.

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Kapil Muni Fair 2016 mela decorative items

Friday, 4 November 2016

Happy Prabodhini Ekadashi 2016 SMS, Dev Uthani Ekadashi Quotes, देव उठनी Messages, Images, Status, Vrat, Greetings, Wallpapers

Happy Prabodhini Ekadashi 2016 SMS, Dev Uthani Ekadashi Quotes, देव उठनी Messages, Images, Status, Vrat, Greetings, Wallpapers : Dev Prabodhini Ekadashi sms 2016, Dev Uthani Sher O Shayari 2016, Happy Prabodhini Ekadashi quotes in Hindi, Dev Uthani Ekadashi Hd wallpapers, Prabodhini vrat wishes, Dev Uthani Prabodhini Whatsapp status 2016, Facebook status for Dev Prabodhini Uthani Ekadashi 2016, Prabodhini Uthani Vrat greetings wishes, The god Vishnu many many celebration and wish to this goddess festival to all  of you and send a best this day HD wishes to your friends, family members, relatives, school students, chat groups, status on DP and FB. This come on the fourth month of Chaturmas when god Vishnu is sleep on Shayani Ekadashi and wakes on Prabodhini Ekadashi and that day is known as ‘Prabodhini Ekadashi’. In the month of Kartik Utthana Ekadasi is coming with the lord Vishnu devotees and observe a rigid fast (Virat) in the night peoples only to take a one time meal after the completion of a Prabodhini Virat.

Happy Prabodhini Ekadashi 2016 SMS, Dev Uthani Ekadashi Quotes, देव उठनी Messages, Images, Status, Vrat, Greetings, Wallpapers

Dev Uthani Ekadashi Quotes and Prabodhini Ekadashi SMS Wishes, In our collection there are the most best festival of Indian Uthani and Prabodhini Ekadashi Quotes, Wallpapers, Images, Dev Uthani Ekadashi Whatsapp status, Happy Prabodhini Ekadashi Facebook status in Hindi. You can pick any and send with your best friends on Whatsapp DP and Facebook FB status in Hindi and Prabodhini Ekadashi Sher O Shayari 2016. The nullified completely of a thousands previous births and awake a Ekadasi night beside the fasting Vrat of Prabodhini Ekadashi festival also a Chaturmas is started on the same day.

Prabodhini Ekadashi 2016 SMS, Messages एकादशी प्रबोधनी
Lord Vishnu when will awake,May see the face of beloved,Beloved is there are so many,But, I wish this would be you,Happy Prabodhini ekadashi 2016
  • जाको राखे साइयाँ, मारि सके कोई |
  • बाल बांका करि सके, जो जग वैरी होई ||

*Vakra-Tunndda Maha-Kaaya Surya-Kotti Samaprabha
Nirvighnam Kuru Me Deva Sarva-Kaaryessu Sarvadaa!!!
प्रेयर मॅंट्रस फॉर देव प्रबोधनी एकादशी - विष्णु सहशट्रा नाम
ओर ओम  नामो नारायण
ओर ओम नामो वासुदेवी
ओर अन्य स्तोत्रा ओर प्रेयर रिलेटेड तो लॉर्ड विष्णु.
ओं तीस दे सम पीपल पर्फॉर्म थे मॅरेज ऑफ तुलसी  ( होली प्लांट ) वित सालिगराम ( फॉर्म ऑफ लॉर्ड विष्णु).

Happy Dev Uthani Ekadashi, देव उठनी Prabodhini Ekadashi 2016 Whatsapp Status and Facebook Status
उत्तिष्ठोत्तिष्ठ गोविंद त्यज निद्रां जगत्पते।त्वयि सुप्ते जगन्नाथ जगत् सुप्तं भवेदिदम्।।उत्तिष्ठोत्तिष्ठ वाराह दंष्ट्रोद्धृतवसुंधरे।हिरण्याक्षप्राणघातिन् त्रैलोक्ये मंगलं कुरु।।
  • Tulsi sang saligram vyahe, saj gai unki Jodi
  • Tulsi Vivah sang Lagan shuru hue, jaldi le k aoo piya doli..!!!
  • Shubh Tulsi Vivah.

इयं तु द्वादशी देव प्रबोधाय विनिर्मिता।त्वयैव सर्वलोकानां हितार्थं शेषशायिना।।इदं व्रतं मया देव कृतं प्रीत्यै तव प्रभो।न्यूनं संपूर्णतां यातु त्वत्वप्रसादाज्जनार्दन।।
  • *Har Ghar Ke Angan Me Tulsi,
  • “Tulsi” Badi Mahan Hai.
  • Jis Ghar Main Ye Tulsi Rehti.
  • Wo Ghar Swarg Saman Hai,
  • Happy Dev Uthan (Tulsi Vivah),,
  • aur Ekadashi Ki Dhero Subhkamnayein!!!

Happy Prabodhini Dev Uthani Ekadashi Quotes Wishes 2016 देव उठनी

एकादशी प्रबोधनी Dev Uthani Ekadashi Prabodhini 2016 Images, HD Wallpapers, Pictures

Happy Dev Uthani Ekadashi Prabodhini Greetings Wishes 2016 एकादशी प्रबोधनी

Dev Uthani Prabodhini Ekadashi Vrat Katha
**देवोत्थान एकादशी के दिन निर्जल व्रत किया जाता है. इस दिन स्नान करके भगवान विष्णु की पूजा करनी चाहिए और भगवान विष्णु के विभिन्न अवतारों एवं उनकी महिमा का गुणगान करना चाहिए. इस दिन संध्या काल में शालिग्राम रूप में भगवान की पूजा करनी चाहिए. जब भगवान की पूजा हो जाए तब चरणामृत ग्रहण करने के बाद फलाहार करना चाहिए. व्रत करने वालों को द्वादशी के दिन सुबह ब्रह्मण को भोजन करवा कर जनेŠ, सुपारी एवं दक्षिण देकर विदा करना चाहिए फिर अन्न जल ग्रहण करना चाहिए. इस व्रत का परायण तुलसी के पत्ते से करने का विधान शास्त्रों में बताया गया है.!!!
This festival of Hindu Dev Uthani Ekadashi 2016 and Prabodhini Ekadashi 2016 is celebrated on November 2016 as per the Hindu calendar. Hope you enjoy the festival and send a best Prabodhini and Uthani Ekadashi wallpapers, quotes, whatsapp status, facebook status, and more stay connected with us for more updates.

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